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8085A Microprocessor IP Verilog Design for Reuse Training Author Credentials

Donald Gerard Polak

I am currently a staff hardware development engineer at Lenovo USA Inc., working on server management hardware. I have also worked at IBM as a hardware design engineer, where I developed and patented a multi-channel subrate carrier system (channel bank) that acts as a single USB device, and at NORTEL Networks Incorporated as a senior design engineer. During the time I was employed by Nortel Networks I spent many years as a test engineer and later as a product engineer, before becoming a design engineer. I have more than 40 years of experience in the electronics industry, published articles in major journals, lectured at area colleges, and received several awards. One of my specialties was designing reusable code in Verilog and VHDL HDL. I have been recognized by management, peers, and representatives of major programmable logic vendors as an expert in the field. For further details of my career, training, and skills view my resume.

The techniques presented here, when properly employed, can result in quicker time from concept to market, accelerated routing, faster timing closure, easier problem and obsolescence resolution, and enhanced manufacturability; thereby increasing corporate profits by reducing development and sustainment costs. I will teach you how to create reusable code for ASICs, FPGAs, and CPLDs in Verilog HDL.

The project that I have chosen for these lessons is the venerable 8085A microprocessor with various enhancements that I, after having also developed software for embedded processors for several years, recognized as critical. I created a significant number of intellectual properties for my former employers, and learned some very valuable concepts for speed enhancement and size reduction that I will share with you.

Many of you may think that the 8085 processor is primitive; but the architecture and HDL coding principles involved are common across most computers, peripherals, telecommunication infrastructure devices, etc., and learning them will help you create many different types of intellectual property.

Let's develop a reusable enhanced 8085 microprocessor intellectual property together as you learn

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